Farm Fresh Products

Homemade Whole Grain Bread
The bakers of Rivendell Farms specialize in creating freshly ground, whole grain wheat bread.  Specialty breads including seven grain, Ezekiel bread, and Challah can also be prepared on on a per order basis.  
            Whole Grain Bread               $ 4.00 per loaf
            7-Grain Bread                       $ 4.50 per loaf
            Cinnamon Raisin                  $ 5.00 per loaf
Grass Fed Beef
Rivendell Farms raises grass fed beef on its local Huntersville fields that are free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.    Our Angus and Limousine steers and hiefers are born and raised in Huntersville, North Carolina according to strict standards including being free of hormones and antibiotics only when required to protect the health of young calves.    To ensure adequate tenderness Rivendell Farms grass fed "baby beef" is processed when the cows are between 600 and 800 pounds.   We encourage our beef clients to visit our farm and take the time to Know Your Food.  
Our grass fed beef can be purchased in one-quarter cow increments at prices ranging from $4.00 to $4.50 per pound hanging weight.  A typical quarter cow of grass fed, baby beef is approximately 75 to 95 pounds and can takes up approximately 2 square feet of freezer space.   This price is approximately 20 percent lower than local market prices for grass fed beef that is hormone free and raised using sustainable farming practices.   The "baby beef" Angus and Limousine cows from our farm are processed at local USDA or NC Department of Agriculture inspected facilities, and a truly l"ocal and sustainable" food sources for the residents of the Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.   
For those who cannot handle the purchase and storage of a full quarter cow, Rivendell Farms now sells iindividual and family cuts of hamburger, steaks, roasts and stew meet from our farm at 9715 Kerns Road in Huntersville, NC.    The prices of local, grass fed beef cuts are:
                    T-Bone Steaks:               $10.00/lb
                    Sirloin Steaks:                $ 9.00/lb
                    Rib Eye Steaks:              $ 9.00/lb
                    Short Ribs                      $ 5.00/lb
                    Rump Roast                   $ 5.00/lb
                    Shoulder Roast               $ 5.00/lb
                    Ground Beef                   $ 4.25/lb
Note:   Rivendell Farms is a Certified Meat Handlers with the NC Department of Agriculture.   

In addition to our farm fresh product part of our mission at Rivendell Farms is to provide training for people located in Charlotte area neighborhoods on how to raise their own food, and purchase 50 percent of their food from local and sustainable farmers.