Farm Garden Training and Starter Packages

 Services and Fee Schedule

1.      Basic Farm Consulting                                                       $50/hour


2.      Basic Food Preparation Consulting                                 $30/hour


3.      Organic Victory Garden Stater Package                          $100-$400/garden

a.      Raised bed garden box                               (depends on size of garden)

b.      Bags of topsoil                                              (typical 4’ by 8’ garden is $300 labor & materials)

c.       Compost

d.     Tilling and Installation labor

e.      Wide variety of vegetable seed packages


4.       Fundamentals of Good Organic Soil Workshop            $25/person

a.      Minimum of 4 people

b.      Can be taught at your home

c.       Explain nutrient, pH and mulch balance

d.     Handling weeds and pests naturally


5.      Know Your Food/Know Your Farm Workshop                $50 per family or $100 per group

a.      Explains the importance of locally supported agriculture

b.      Local farms and places to purchase local vegetables and range-fed eggs, beef and chicken

b.      Getting your children involved and excited about farming and gardening

c.       Fitting local food purchase, and gardening into your family schedule

d.     Balancing and high pressure lifestyle, sports, and raising your own food

e.      The value and importance of manual labor and hard work

f.        Practical plan for purchasing and growing your own food

Explanation of our Rates:    The reason we charge a nominal fee the training services we provide is more practical, than an attempt to make a lot of money.   Every hour that we spend helping others learn how to farm/garden, buy local food, and handle their own food we are spending time away from our farm.    The willingness to pay a nominal fee is a way to show respect for the farm lifestyle, and provide adequate support for the time we spend away from the farm.